On-demand webinar

Create relevant customer experiences using AI - with Episerver

In this webinar you get an introduction to artificial intelligence and what it actually is. And you will see how you can use AI powered products from Episerver to more effectively create relevant customer experiences.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform marketers from reactive to proactive planners; where campaigns and customer interactions can be made more relevant from start to finish - from planning, implementation to follow-up. This is a huge paradigm shift and we are only at the beginning of this trip.

Use AI on your site to attract and engage visitors

With the help of AI, you can gather insightful data and personalize on a large scale. But where's the smartest way to start and how do you get started? Joakim Platbarzdis, Product Manager at Episerver, will guide you how to get started using AI functionality on your website using Episerver's platform.

Intelligent campaigns
Creating a consistent personal customer experience across all channels is difficult because it requires recognition of the visitor and being able to continue the dialogue, regardless of whether previous interactions were done on the site, via email, on mobile or social channels. Adam Blomberg, Director Customer Lifecycle at Episerver, will show you how to create engaging and automated customer experiences where each visitor's experience is personalized.



Adam Blomberg,                            Joakim Platbarzdis,                          Mårten Bokedal,

Director Customer Lifecycle           Product Manager                            Marketing Manager