Get real omnichannel marketing results using AI

Join Episerver and email marketing thought leader Kath Pay in this on-demand webinar on how to create truly intelligent campaigns. Kath explains how to develop campaign strategies, and Episerver shows how to implement these strategies with AI-powered technology.

Founder of the Holistic Email Marketing consultancy, Kath has spent over 18 years developing cutting-edge marketing tactics and strategies. She has trained or helped companies such as eBay, Tommy Hilfiger, Adobe and Facebook.

In this on-demand webinar, Kath walks you through how to develop a campaign strategy, from deciding on a broad objective to drilling down into each step of the customer journey.

“When creating omnichannel campaigns, many companies focus on short-term wins,” Kath says. “A strategy, however, will help you see where your big and long-term wins are going to be. Then you can break down that strategy into bite-sized pieces, which together form a seamless customer journey.”

You will also see how Episerver’s solutions for intelligent campaigns can help you implement Kath’s ideas.

Jeff Cheal, Director of Personalization, Campaign and Analytics Strategy at Episerver, presents Episerver’s AI-powered solutions, and David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects at Episerver, shows them in action. See how you can easily:

  • Create and automate omnichannel campaigns
  • Personalize emails and recommendations based on real-time behavior
  • Automatically capture and analyze data for true visitor intelligence 


Kath Pay
CEO of Holistic Email Marketing
Top 50 Email Marketing Influencer

Jeff Cheal
Director of Personalization, Campaign and Analytics Strategy