What AI can actually do for commerce

Join Episerver and Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg in a webinar that goes behind the hype to explain how companies can use artificial intelligence today. We look at practical examples and discuss how you can get ready for bigger changes tomorrow.

As a customer experience architect for top retailers, Jason Goldberg has worked with over 100 clients on the Internet Top 500. As the Commerce & Content Lead at SapientRazorfish, he helps clients create great shopping experiences.

In this webinar, Jason will discuss how companies are using artificial intelligence to transform merchandising, videos and voice communication. Episerver experts will also demonstrate how you can start using AI in your customer journeys.

"It’s hard to think of a technology that has more buzz right now than artificial intelligence,” Jason says. “But what does AI actually do for a retailer or brand? The challenge is that AI is not a single capability or technology – it is an approach that enables a wide variety of capabilities.”

Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce, will present Episerver’s solutions for AI-powered commerce, and Manojan Panchalingam, Principal Solution Architect, will show how they work. Learn how you can use AI to:

  • Personalize recommendations based on real-time behavior
  • Optimize search using customer data and merchandising strategies
  • Automatically capture and analyze data for true visitor intelligence 


Jason Goldberg
Ecommerce Expert &
Customer Experience Architect

Ed Kennedy
Senior Director, Commerce

Manojan Panchalingam
Principal Solution Architect