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Framework agnostic experiences

Support for modern UI frameworks

Build applications using Angular, React, vue.js or whichever framework you prefer. Having a great API for delivering content across channels and technologies means you can focus on reaching more customers and take advantage of fit-for-purpose technologies.

Accept: Only-the-best

If you’re familiar with Episerver you’ve been managing and delivering content to browsers and other clients for a long time. Thanks to our first-class support for MVC, it’s easy to deliver content from Episerver as server rendered html, json, xml or any other content-type. Roll-your-own content channels or use our content delivery API and straight forward support for content negotiation to add native support for json. 

Editor tooling

Stick to a few conventions in how you model your content, and build your views, to ensure your editors can do their jobs effectively. Client-side rendering and powerful UI features like drag-and-drop editing, can go hand-in-hand if you follow our guidelines for building a first class editor experience.

Get a jump start

Head on over to our github page and grab the code for the “music festival” reference SPA based on our Content Delivery API including the Find powered extension

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