ASRM moves up to Digital Experience Cloud for enhanced engagement and improved efficiency

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.

The Society accomplishes this mission through the pursuit of excellence in education and research and through advocacy on behalf of patients, physicians, and affiliated healthcare providers. The Society's two websites - and - offer a wide range of audiences, including academics, embryologists, clinic managers, physicians in reproductive endocrinology, and members of the general public diagnosed with infertility, invaluable resources and information related to reproductive health. 

A digital overhaul

ASRM had been using the Ektron CMS to manage the content on their site for years, but it had been some time since the Society had implemented any upgrades or made any enhancements to either its member site or patient portal. By the time Rusty Howell, Director of IT, joined the team in March of 2016, it was evident that a lot could be improved to help the organization better manage its extremely content-heavy websites. The Society had fallen behind in a digital world and needed to rethink its web strategy in regards to mobile responsivity. 

Scaling for success

The ASRM team completed an assessment of where they were currently and where they wanted to be, conducting a comprehensive site audit to help identify old content that no longer served the needs of their visitors and to determine how to restructure the fresh content so that it would be easier for visitors to navigate. With a small staff of just 34 people in the entire organization, it became clear that the addition of a modern CMS and integrated AMS would only increase efficiency and ensure ASRM met its goal of providing an enhanced web experience to visitors. 

Rusty led the team through a diligent RFP process, evaluating both Episerver and Sitecore based on how well each platform could scale to meet their needs and how easily each would integrate with Personify360, ASRM's selected AMS. "Throughout the evaluation, it became increasingly clear that Episerver was the right choice for us. It would be near impossible for us to see a significant return on investment using Sitecore without an in-house development team to help us leverage the power of the platform," said Rusty. "We selected Episerver for its ease of use and obvious ability to scale."

ASRM selected Episerver premium partner Brightfind to implement the Episerver CMS and integrate the platform with new and existing business systems like Personify360. The Society also takes advantage of Episerver Add-ons including Google Analytics. Brightfind successfully launched the new Episerver-powered ASRM member-facing site and Reproductive Facts site, the Society's patient portal, in March of 2017.

An improved experience for both visitors and staff

"Ektron scaled well for us, but Episerver does a better job and integrates seamlessly with our Personify AMS," said Rusty. "It doesn't require a costly plug-in or bridge. It just works."

The ASRM team began seeing a return on investment in just one business quarter, with internal efficiency improving by leaps and bounds. Employees prefer the more intuitive Episerver interface over their old Ektron UI, and have found it easier to train non-technical staff to use the CMS. Editors are also appreciative of the shortcuts Episerver offers including Paste from Word and the ability to move html pages and assets around as needed. 

"The personalization features in Episerver are amazing!" commented Rusty's colleague Angelia Pitman, Web Manager at ASRM. "Not only can we restrict access to a page and make it members-only, but we can now also divide the data that displays on a page between member and non-member views. This has been a wonderful feature to highlight the benefits of membership."

The Society's members are also benefitting from the new web presence. "We continue to receive compliments from users on the mobile versatility of the website," added Angelia. "Additionally, the faceted search has enabled users to not only find content on the site more easily, but utilizing a product pull synced with our ecommerce site, users can search paid offerings as well. This has been a big hit with members."

As a result, ASRM is already seeing noticeable improvements in analytics including a decrease in bounces and more pages viewed per session. 

ASRM: Episerver Solution Review

As a marketer, it can be difficult to provide customers an engaging, consistent experience on different devices and between visits. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud for CMS and marketing helps with this by enabling you to manage content and marketing campaigns all in one screen. Built-in connectors and an open API aid organizations like American Society for Reproductive Medicine in maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost by enabling them to leverage existing business tools like Personify360 within the Episerver platform.

We love Episerver. It's the perfect solution for us, and I could write a dissertation on the reasons why.

Rusty Howell, Director of Information Technology, ASRM


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12% decrease in bounce rate YoY

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27% decrease in bounce rate YoY

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