Prestigious UK cycling retailer, i-Ride, improved its site’s functionality and transformed user experiences with Episerver

i-ride is the authority on all things performance cycling in Britain. A leading national distributor of high-performance cycling products, i-ride's reputation is synonymous with excellence. Its products are sourced exclusively from the most elite and innovative brands on the world cycling stage and are used by pro athletes and passionate bike enthusiasts alike.

Pedalling two channels

i-ride sells direct to consumer, as well as to trade customers, so its website needs to differentiate between the two and present the correct product ranges and price bands for each unique user. It also needs to ensure that product searches return quickly and accurately to reflect availability and stock levels. In the past, searching i-ride’s product catalogue had been slow, resulting in an abandonment of baskets and incomplete transactions.

The cycle lane to growth

i-ride’s principal objective was to improve the overall user experience. This would equate to a boost to online sales with lower abandonment of baskets, conversely resulting in fewer calls to i-ride’s sales centre.

i-ride wanted a robust platform to build a responsive retail hub that recognised the user, smartly adjusting the product offer accordingly. They desired product searches to be faster, with accurate and real-time results, reflective of current stock levels. Being the market leader in their space, i-ride identified they needed the ability to individually update price bands and promotions to create custom offers for both their B2B and B2C customers.

Episerver & Merchant set the wheels in motion

i-ride’s digital marketing partner, Merchant - recently awarded Episerver CMS Specialisation - reviewed the company’s existing retail platform and front-end user-journey, whilst conducting a thorough analysis of potential platforms. Weighing up potential platforms i-ride could be migrated to, based on the objectives they needed to achieve and the unique challenges of their bespoke retail model, Episerver was identified as the best, and most economical, platform for i-ride to implement.

Crucially, Episerver allowed the team to custom tailor price bands on one integrated site - a key requirement of the brief. A member portal was created where i-ride trade customers and account holders could log in, at which point the system would recognise the user and adjust the product offer and pricing accordingly. This ensured that every site visitor received the correct information and a unique homepage tailor-made to their search history and buying behaviour.

The entire i-ride product catalogue in the backend (over 13,000 SKUs) was reorganised, using Episerver Find to speed up search results and improve accuracy for key search terms.

Crafting customer independence and tailored pricing

The reorganisation of the product portfolio made it simpler to shop by item or by brand, integrating the ability to pay on account or by card. This, in addition to a more accurate and faster search engine, ensured that customers could easily find, order and pay for items online, without the need to contact i-ride's sales teams for support.

Another challenge centred on promotions. i-ride required a platform that enabled them to custom apply unique pricing reductions to select products, rather than a generic promotional offer applied across the board. Episerver's promotion engine was identified as the most flexible, with all the functionality i-ride needed to customise its promotions to individual products across both its B2B and B2C interfaces.

116% increase in page views

17% reduction in bounce rates

77% improvment in average page download times

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Dan Meineck
[email protected]

Partner contact
Dan Meineck
[email protected]