Ledarna leverage Episerver’s scalability to deliver personalised advice and support to 90,000 members

Ledarna is Sweden’s only union for managers. The union has 93,000 members who receive development training, advice and support in their assignments as managers and their own individual needs.

Laying out the goal

The objective was to build a new digital infrastructure on that was easy to use for members and elected representatives, while also focusing on recruiting new members.

A robust feasibility

Ledarna began its project with a feasibility study for concept and design in the spring of 2016. The focus was always the individual member and the support the eventual solution should provide. Throughout the project; accessibility and usability were also strong beacons.

It was Episerver CMS that set the beacons alight. Its intuitive user interface and superior usability enables both all levels of editors the ability to efficiently manage rich website content – a real draw for Ledarna.

Episerver Premium Partner, Visma Business, was involved from the beginning. They worked with Episerver experts on; architecture, project management, front and back-end technical implementation, testing, training and documentation. When the graphic design and the UX work for the new web was sufficiently clear and when Visma had enough information from the requirement and business analysis, work began on architecture, project management and technical implementation.

Agile meetings between Ledarna and Visma were made continuously with extra-called meetings when needed. Together at meetings the companies looked at complete functionality, demonstrated implementation and planned future work together.

The site was launched in iterations by having a Beta version of the site available to members in an early stage. This gave Ledarna the opportunity to conduct internal tests while at the same time Visma was able to deliver functionality as it became clear.

New engagement

The new website has been rebuilt with members in mind and has a number of new areas that help visitors to find the information they need. There is an improved FAQ and search engine and a contact form based on the target group and situation to shorten lead times and give the answer directly. With the help of Episerver’s block functionality, it is now easy for editors in different areas to deliver the right and relevant information to the visitor.

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Implemented by:

Gold partner

Partner contact
Gustaf Snöbohm
[email protected]

Partner contact
Gustaf Snöbohm
[email protected]