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Nutreco selects Episerver CMS for its flexibility and scalability.

As a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed, Nutreco has offices in more than 30 countries and sales in over 80 countries. The company generated $3.9 billion in revenue in 2013. With more than 45 websites for different brands and languages, however, the company was finding it difficult to manage all of its websites and keep them up to date.

 “We had a lot of different websites and CMS systems, and we were simply not able to manage all of them,” says Willard van der Leest, Online Marketing & Communication Specialist at Nutreco. “The old websites would sit there with nothing happening, so we started a project with two goals – rebranding and replacing all the old websites with new ones.”

Nutreco selected Episerver CMS for the website project, executed by           Premium Solution partner eFocus.  "From our Amersfoort office we developed the new Nutreco corporate site with an agile approach based on scrum. It was a high energy project with a good team from both sides. And delivered within time and budget. Winning the award was a great achievement." says Marc-Paul Brandt,  CCO eFocus

“We started with the corporate Nutreco site,” says Van der Leest. “We were in a competition for the Henri Sijthoff award for best financial reporting, so the website had to be ready in three months. It was a short time frame, but we managed it. We also won the award, which is great.” 

A number of changes were made to the corporate website to focus it more on the company’s vision, rather than providing flat information. Since the redesign, time spent on the site and pageviews are up 35 percent compared to the same period last year.

“Before we wanted to tell everything about the company on the corporate website, which is for investors, job seekers and people interested to see what we do,” Van der Leest says. “Instead now we are really focused on telling the story of what we do and our vision – feeding the future, enabling the whole industry to produce more food for the planet.”

A global solution with local flexibility and ease of use

After the redesign of the corporate website, Nutreco began rolling out Episerver CMS to its operating companies around the world. About a dozen people manage the content centrally, in addition to about 50 people around the world.

 “We have offices or operating companies in a little over 30 countries, and they all have different product portfolios and sales teams,” says Van der Leest. “We created a template where they could very easily set up a website with their product portfolio. The content editors were not very experienced in web editing, so it was important that Episerver CMS is flexible and easy to use.”

Van der Leest says that the ability to localize websites for each market was also a strong reason for selecting Episerver.

 “On the one hand, we want to be able to centrally manage all our websites and push content out to local offices,” he says. “On the other hand, the CMS system needs to be good at localization in terms of languages, tone of voice and visuals. Episerver CMS works really well with this. It is simple to use and scalable, so we could start with one website and within one year go to 20. It’s also a platform we can build on in the coming years.”

Focusing on customer interaction

As part of the website project, Nutreco also wanted to focus on working with customer interaction and mobile applications. Some of Nutreco’s customers are farmers, while others are distributors. Each group has different needs when it comes to the information they need online.

 “Often our products are delivered to our customers through an intermediary channel, so with the new websites we wanted to focus on directly interacting with farmers,” Van der Leest says. “We want people to use our websites as a reference on how to feed young animals. It should focus on specific themes and issues that might arise in a farmer’s head and give solutions. For distributors, the websites should provide all of the documentation about the product portfolio.”

Since many of Nutreco’s customers work on farms, making sure all content is mobile friendly is crucial. “Once content is published, it should be suitable for all channels,” Van der Leest says. “With Episerver CMS we don’t have to worry if it looks good on a specific channel.”

Nutreco also uses Episerver to manage mobile applications that are used by people out in the field. “The large farmers are probably not going to browse around our website, so we have mobile applications that account managers can bring on visits in order to give advice about different kinds of feed.”

After the global rollout of Episerver CMS is complete, van der Leest says the plan is to focus more on enabling Nutreco’s sales force to reach their customers and increase their interaction with end users.

 “The trend today is that farms are getting larger and more professional,” Van der Leest says. “Together with our distributors we want to better serve farmers and have more direct interaction with them. These digital channels are key in enabling us to do this.” 

"We were in a competition for the Henri Sijthoff award for best financial reporting, so the website had to be ready in three months. It was a short time frame, but we managed it. We also won the award, which is great.”

Willard van der Leest

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Partner contact
Marc-Paul Brandt
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