Sweden’s largest waste resource company, Ragn-Sells, upcycles its digital site with Episerver

Ragn-Sells offers innovative and effective solutions to minimize, take care of and transform waste into resources.

Moving towards a circular economy

Ragn-Sells is Sweden's leading recycling company operating all over the country. They collect, process and recycle waste products from businesses and residential households. Their work involves collecting residual materials, combining them with similar materials and ensure the quality of the newly made materials meet their customers' expectations. This model ranks them one of the key contributors to a sustainable, 'circular economy'.

And it’s not only Sweden enjoying this approach. Ragn-Sells have established operations across other territories including; Norway, Estonia and Denmark.

A conveyor belt of expectations

Ragn-Sells’ project objectives were threefold:

  • To improve the customer experience and accessibility of its services
  • Implement a cloud strategy where all digital services can lie in the cloud
  • To simplify its sites across all companies - having a single service and platform for all brands.

First-class experience from the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud

Ragn-Sells wanted to build a modern solution and a first-class experience for its customers. The multi-million-euro organization opted for Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service to platform it's new digital operations.

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service infrastructure ensures Ragn-Sells don’t experience any incidents of downtime: keeping the site dynamic and fast even during spikes of high traffic. This was a key factor for the multiple environments Ragn-Sells needed to run to maintain a consistent online presence. All updates and maintenance are delivered without interrupting security operations.

The website integrates with several different systems and solutions which include Ragn-Sells’ e-commerce solution and customer portal. Other integrations in the solution have been against MyNewsdesk, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Materialising the plans

Ragn Sells began the process by conducting a preliminary study internally where both intranet, customer portal and the public website were reviewed and various tools were available.

The preliminary study resulted in the public website being built on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud and the solution following as much standard as possible with the aim of management and continuous upgrades being able to be done continuously without major consulting efforts.



The main benefit with the platform is that it is easy to use. Compared to other web products we use, Episerver is the most stable platform.

Jonatan Andersson, System Owner, Ragn-Sells

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Implemented by:

Gold partner

Partner contact
Gustaf Snöbohm
[email protected]

Partner contact
Gustaf Snöbohm
[email protected]