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How Can I Continually Manage Several Different Content Types?

The Society of Actuaries may not sound like a hotbed of frenzied activity, but it actually is. They prepare, test, and certify members, and keep them current in the profession with e-courses, podcasts, seminars, and publications. They hold meetings and participate in social media. They advertise jobs and volunteer opportunities. And they needed the ability to easily manage all of this on their website.

Businesses and financial institutions depend on actuaries for crucial advice, and the SOA protects the value of that advice through their credentialing role. A worldwide leader of the actuarial profession, SOA furthers actuarial knowledge through education and research. To do this effectively requires huge amounts of website content, of different types, and for diverse audiences.

Design Meets Content Strategy

SOA chose Brightfind for their website redesign because we had worked together before, successfully implementing their content into an Ektron Content Management System (CMS). Through this experience, SOA gained confidence in our expertise in leveraging deep, complex content such as theirs.

Content strategy was key element of the six templates we designed for SOA. Because so many different types would require regular updating, we suggested a card-based design for their user-interface. This allowed us to create different content categories within those cards, such as jobs, news, downloads, etc., and whatever else their identified personas would look for on the site.

Personalized Content for Members, Candidates, and Students

The card-based strategy also enabled SOA to assign cards to their different audiences, such as members, candidates, or students. In addition, it furthered the resusable focus of the web redesign and its user-friendly management.

Sometimes, you’d just rather do it yourself when it comes to website management, especially if, like the SOA, you have a great deal to manage. Brightfind, the big content specialists, made that possible.


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