Britain’s largest horse racing organisation, The Jockey Club, race forward with new digital infrastructure built on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service

The Jockey Club jump hurdles on the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service.

Under Starter's Orders

Horse racing is a staple in British sport and The Jockey Club is the largest commercial group of the sport. It owns 15 leading racecourses across the UK including the iconic Aintree, Cheltenham and Newmarket. Previously, each of these courses had individual websites that only promoted that respective racecourse. The Jockey Club wanted to converge the siloed sites into one, in order to reach more sports fans, enhance its brand and sell more tickets.

All bets were off

The old sites were hard to navigate and did not present a consistent story. There was a separate section for events and the customer journey didn’t meet the thoroughbred requirements from the user. They were subjected to a 12-step process just to buy a ticket. Episerver Premium Partner, AmazeRealise, got underway by leading a new digital approach looking at what The Jockey Club was trying to achieve in terms of getting more people to the races.

Exiting the muddy track

With a collaborative approach, AmazeRealise and The Jockey Club took on the clunky customer journey and increased commercial opportunities by:

· Simplifying the ticket buying process from 14 to just 5-clicks

· Offering more opportunities for upselling (parking at events, upgrading to better seats etc) and cross-sell

· Creating extra commercial opportunities for sponsors

Operational costs were also driven down whilst flexibility was ramped up. All this was delivered in 9-months.

Episerver cancels out the hurdles

AmazeRealise called upon the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service to create and deliver the improved, tailored journeys and personalised content The Jockey Club craved.

Deployed on Episerver's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model, the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service allows The Jockey Club to take full advantage of Microsoft Azure, resulting in; ease of use for editors, reduced complexity and cost-effective technology consumption. Thanks to the scalable platform, the consolidation of multiple digital sites minimizes energy consumption and associated IT maintenance costs with fewer servers to manage.

Regular users of the site will find a familiar but enhanced experience that lets them discover more events. There are also focused areas for key stakeholders such as owners and trainers.

Limiting the heavy track

The wider Jockey Club team find their new digital estate easy to update templates, and with drag and drop editing changing the site is much simpler for The Jockey Club to manage.

Results across the board

The new digital estate has transformed The Jockey Club into a leading lifestyle brand. It talks to fans and creates demand for a wider range of events for families, music enthusiasts or those simply looking for a great day out. There is one platform and one consistent flow of data across the ecosystem.

15% increase in online sales revenue

22% increase in sales conversion

34% increase in shopping cart conversion

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Oksana Sologub
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Partner contact
Oksana Sologub
[email protected]