An open and shut case for a better door-buying experience

Episerver Solution partner, Hanson was selected as the digital agency to help return Therma-Tru’s digital focus to homeowners, for the Therma-Tru brand.

When you’re selecting a new entry door, you care about style, finish, and color. You need help prioritizing security, privacy, light, and of course budget.

And you really want to “try on” the various options on your house before you buy. Turns out buying a door is a lot more complicated than homeowners expect when they hit the door aisle. Episerver Solution partner, Hanson helped uncomplicated it by using Episerver to open the door to an engaging new site.

The project called for an expanded website built, a sister site for the Lowe’s exclusive brand, two related apps, and advertising campaigns. But the heart of this new multi-touchpoint experience is a tool that walks you through key door configuration decisions, then lets you upload a pic of your house so you can “try on” your favorite options. The AR feature on the Lowe's app even helps you measure your door before you head to the store.

A substantial aspect of the project is introducing a modern, scalable architecture on the Episerver platform, supporting a growing ecosystem of a web, mobile and other connected devices and services. Combined with Amazon Web Services, the platform simplifies and extends the sharing of data among all platforms, and easily allows for non-technical marketing staff to make a wide variety of continuous optimizations and content updates.

100K possible combinations of door collections

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Melanie Christian
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Partner contact
Melanie Christian
[email protected].com