Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union deploy a tantalizing user-experience for their 600,000 members on Episerver

The value of assets, only this time, it's digital

Alaska USA is one of America's largest Credit Unions, operating 75 branches, across 6 US States with an asset portfolio upwards of $7Bn. 

Partnering with Hero Digital, Alaska USA embarked on a mission to deploy a digital infrastructure so their member base could enjoy an engaging online experience whilst also growing brand awareness.

This marked a shift in digital assets being handled by the IT teams - now they were set to be directed by Marketing. 

Needing to embrace change

Financial Services have been disrupted by the way people have embraced new technologies. Membership organizations aren't an exception. Within this space, they too need to adopt new practices to keep apace of market movement and ensure they meet the expectations of their audience.

Kristine Stebbins, Managing Director of Hero Digital, comments, ''the whole industry has entered a digital disruption and Alaska USA needed tools that would help them react to changing market dynamics and create a great experience to acquisition and cross-sell to existing customers''.

The Solution: Creating member centricity

To better meet the needs of its members, Alaska USA went about driving true user-engagement by handing control to their Marketing team.

Against the requirements of Hero Digital and Alaska USA, Episerver CMS ticked all the boxes especially when it came to its ease-of-use. The intuitive platform allowed the Marketing team get to grips with the tool quickly. Today, with advanced capabilities at their fingertips, the Marketing team are better positioned to support business units including the mortgages team and retail banking group acheive success.

These powerful functions include a range of benefits including;

  • New online marketing strategies 
  • Personalized content based on geographic location
  • Changes taking hours opposed to weeks

Making use of the new accessible data now available and constructing profiles from them, Alaska USA can build smart, resonating journeys with no drawbacks.

The Outcome: Cohesive journeys that capture leads and complement the brand

There has been a dramatic increase in leads captured as part of the digital revamp. Alaska USA can now boast impressive metrics since deploying Episerver. This includes a faster time to market with new products, an overall improved design and more sophisticated Marketing techniques.

This project was implemented by Episerver Partner Hero Digital.

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