Episerver Connect for CRM

With Episerver Connect for CRM you can easily connect your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to your website and create a personalized customer experience.

Episerver Connect for CRM is an add-on that integrates Episerver CMS with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It ensures your website’s visitor data is synced with your CRM.

Ensure your sales team receives all your leads
Episerver Connect for CRM automates the process of capturing new leads on your website and creating matching contacts in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This means your sales team will have immediate access to the latest leads while spending less time updating your CRM.

Keep your data secure
Back-up features will keep your data safe and accurate, even if your CRM is down. Plus, you can assign team members different levels of access. Episerver Connect for CRM will sync the permission levels with your website to ensure your sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.

Maintain a more accurate database
Episerver Connect for CRM will check for duplicate contacts and verify email addresses. This means that your sales team will always have access to the most reliable data – so they can spend more time following up with leads instead of searching for contact information.