SiteAttention SEO Plugin

SiteAttention is a built-in intuitive sidebar that helps editors with optimizing their content for SEO. The tool gives you easy to understand tips, that appear in real-time and highlights the parts of your text that need changes.

SiteAttention integrates directly with Episerver, so it can give you real-time tips on how to optimize the content you are currently writing or editing. The tool is always following the newest Google Algorithm rules, so you don’t have to worry if the rules you’re following are up-to-date.

SEO advice in real time

It’s hard to remember and keep track of all the SEO rules - especially when you’re not an SEO expert!

Our tool analyzes how optimized your content is and gives you tips in real-time on how to make your page score higher on Google. All in easy-to-understand language and sending you directly to the fields that need corrections.

Always pick the best keywords

SiteAttention makes sure you remember to target a keyword from the very beginning of the writing process.

If you need help with researching the most beneficial keywords for your pages, the Keyword Search option will give you an overview of the best substitutes to the keywords you are currently targeting.

Improve your ranking in search engines

Not being found on search engines is one of the most expensive challenges that modern companies face these days. Our customers see a 30% increase in their organic traffic as well as 20% boost in their Google Ranks.

With SiteAttention it’s easy to achieve these results - even for people with no previous SEO knowledge. The tips given by our tool are easy to understand, so anybody in your team can follow them while creating their content. Your editors learn how to optimize their articles for Google and make their content more visible online!

See the Effects

Thanks to the SEO Dashboard, that comes as a free addition to the SiteAttention plugin, you can track your pages’ Google rank statistics. Track them against region, language, keywords etc.

If the rank of a published post starts declining due to e.g. changes in search engine algorithms, you will be able to notice it right away, giving you a chance to act fast.

With our Dashboard, as an admin, you also get a better overview of the users' adoption of the tool and see who's doing great already and who might need some extra incentives.

The latest version of SiteAttention can be installed through a NuGet package on the Episerver NuGet feed. Try it - 30 days for free!

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